My Big Swim Challenge

I have wanted to do something to raise money for Tinnitus Research for a long time since my Tinnitus started, but had been struggling with the ankle injury and a lack of will power to push myself again. When I took myself back to the pool I quickly found I was in my new element. I find swimming to be soothing for the mind and when underwater my Tinnitus is also softer, so a great way to escape and certainly a good workout. The more I thought about this challenge the more excited I got and the higher I decided to raise the stakes. I feel like 100 miles will be enough of a challenge for me, given that it will be my first full year of taking swimming seriously. If all goes well, who knows I might be undertaking 200 miles! That is if I haven’t already turned into a giant prune that is.

I’ve set the bar to swim 100 miles over 2018 a distance equal to swimming across the english channel 5 times. My swim will largely to be done in a 25m swimming pool.  So let’s do some maths:

1 mile = 1,609.34 metres

100 miles = 160,934 metres

160,934 metres / 25 = 6,437.36 lengths of a 25m swimming pool.

I hope to also partake in some open water swimming events, something I’ve never tried, for which I will add the distance of these swims to my distance swam in the pool.

Open water events I’m participating in:

May 19th – Bedford – Mass Start Swim Series – Race 1 – 750m (equal to 30 pool lengths)

May 27th – Berkshire – Small Fry & Big Fish Swims 2018 – 1.5km (equal to 60 pool lengths)

August 23rd – Berkshire – Doggy Paddle & Big Dog Swims, 2018 – 1.5km

September 15th – Bedford – Mass Start Swim Series Bonus Race- 3.8km

I will be keeping track of my swims with a Garmin Swim watch and I will upload each swim to my blog for validation of my efforts and to keep everyone in touch with my progress.

I worked out that to achieve the goal of 100 miles, I must swim around 125 lengths of my local pool each week. I expect to make it to the pool twice a week ( a challenge in itself with the little one), with a long swim on a Sunday and shorter swim during the week.

If it looks like I will reach my target of 100 miles earlier than expected I will then raise the bar to perhaps 120 miles. Ultimately I will be pushing myself to the end of the year and hoping to raise as much money as possible for my charity – British Tinnitus Association.

A note on the Charity:

Whilst I taken on this big swim challenge I am hoping to raise money for the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), with a target raise of £500.

Check out my justgiving page and I would really appreciate any sponsorship that you can afford to part with. Many thanks in advance for any support.

The BTA is not only a great source of information for all things Tinnitus but is a great place to find support on how to cope with Tinnitus, providing support groups, a helpline and help forums etc. The BTA funds various research projects, into new treatments and possible future cures.

Check out more information on the BTA here.


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